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  • 2010-04-12 16:19:05  (Views:130)

CE Open: Grasping SaaS Ideas Base for Practical Cloud Computing Breaking through "Cloud" Path

Source: Computer Shangqingbao

In March 2009,  " Strategic Development White Book of Changfeng Software Servicing Operation" was launched domestically under the guidance of Changfeng Alliance and led by CE Open. The white book provided practical and meaningful guidance to domestic software corporations in respect of division of labour, coordination and promotion in the self-owned intellectual property SaaS operating system solutions. Beforehand, the idea of SaaS was circulated domestically for a long time, but it remained in a widely divided stage and was not precisely. As what did Zhang Bin, general manager of CE Open, disclose to the press that CE Open was not unwilling to follow the current trend, but it had to have its own verification for all new things rather than simply following the others.

Over the past ten years, on the basic of reasonable grasping of SaaS ideas, the application services provided by CE Open were more and more. Zhang Bin concluded those services as two main types – corporation operation and management. By providing for clients technological services, assisting clients in expansion of internet sales and strengthening internal management for expansion of businesses. Such corporation management tool as “Digital Managemant” provided by CE Open was not isolated HR、CRM and OA, but was extracted from different systems by referring to the actual application of each corporate client and then applying it to the business process. This was what did CE Open make a significant difference by comparing with other providers providing CRM, HR services which all are a single SaaS type, and was fully reflecting CE Open’s deep perception of SaaS application from its accumulated ten years’ market experience.

CE Open will not exaggerate the related ideas of “cloud”, but it has confidence in several of XaaS: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and DaaS. To some extent PaaS will be the result of development of SaaS. “We have our own 4,000 servers, three large scale IDCs in China and three small scale IDCs overseas. IDC platform required by IaaS has been established, which is an important base for cloud computing” mentioned by Zhang Bin.

It can say that CE Open has started the related research and application in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. However, Zhang Bin frankly said that it would not be easy in the basic work for long-term practical cloud computing, not only facing to tremendous challenges in technology but also requiring for continuous large capital injection.

All three of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are still in the preliminary stage of development. Because of their preliminary stage of development, it would be important for the awareness of their standards which might affect the future development such technologies and even affect the future of some corporations.

CE Open was the beginner starting to establish the standards. Being a member of Changfeng Alliance, it has allied with another 13 corporate members to establish “Internet IT Service Working Committee”, and as the chairing unit, CE Open proceeded SaaS development research and plan. Currently, CE Open is cooperating with Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China for the purpose of establishing the relevant standards and scopes for SaaS industry.

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