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  • 2013-04-25 11:52:06  (Views:119)

Mobile Internet: the only way out in the meager profit marketing era

In the past 2012, people were getting less and less offence at the price wars becoming more and more intensified in all areas. This is the inevitable result brought by the escalating brutal business competitions, which can also pose serious profit problems for enterprises, especially SMEs. The advent of the meager-profit era has further impaired their living environment. The business world is like sailing upstream, not to advance is to drop back. How to develop new customers to better achieve the effect of scale in order to improve the living conditions has become an urgent problem confronting SMEs.


“Open up a new space for business on the mobile phones of 1 billion mobile phone users. This is the only way and irreversible of meager-profit marketing in 2013”. This is an answer given by Liu Min from CE Dongli Technology Co., Ltd. at the conference of the “new era of meager- profit marketing for SMEs - 2013 SME Mobile Internet Settling Project, Harbin Station” sponsored by the CE Dongli.


Liu Min’s conclusion clearly pointed out the two trends of the development of enterprises that cannot be ignored: information technology and the mobile Internet.


In fact, as early as the end of last year, the CPC 18th Conference has listed information technology as one of China's “new four modernizations”. Whether we can actively use IT tools to improve operational levels has become one of the marks for measuring the core competitiveness of modern enterprises, and the applications of the mobile Internet is the inevitable direction of the informationization of enterprises.


The “2012 China's smart phone market research report” released by a market research firm shows that as of the fourth quarter of last year, the total number of China's smart phone users has reached 380 million people, an increase of 72.7% over the same period last year. As can be seen from the report, the development speed of China's mobile Internet is amazing. Liu Min commented that the whole society has become a “looking-down group” (looking at mobile phones).


In addition, in the just-concluded “Two Conferences”, the 4G licenses are the integration of the broadcasting and TV sector was also a hot topic. Experts predict that with the popularization of 4G technologies, in the next few years, China’s mobile Internet will maintain rapid development, while the integration of the SARFT is also a favorable condition for promoting the integration of the three networks, which promotes the development of China's mobile Internet from another aspect.


This means that even if companies are more inclined to take a cautious approach, giving priority to existing customers to “maintain stability”, the mobile Internet is still a trend that cannot be ignored. Smartphones with stronger and stronger performances and features will allow the mobile Internet to dominate the fragmented time of future consumers, while squeezing the online time of the traditional Internet. Therefore, it can be said that to seize the mobile Internet is to secure half of the enterprise’s future.


However, a realistic problem facing for the majority of SMEs is that everything regardless of capital, technology, or time is extremely valuable scarce resource; then, how can we “open up a space for business on the mobile phones of 1 billion users”? The best solution, of course, is to promote the company's products to consumers through a platform; at the same time, if we can create a dedicated mobile site, it would be perfect, because, after all, product information can be fully demonstrated only on the platform of our own mobile portal; moreover, taking a long view, companies must have an independent mobile portal, which is concerned about the brand image.


According to this standard, CE Dongli solutions are precisely a good choice. The z-mobile launched by CE Dongli can provide a dedicated mobile client, which is simple to deploy and has a wide range of applications; it can also offer a range of highly customized products and rich product display features, to meet different needs, and enable SMEs to easily achieve direct contact with mobile phone customers.


The mobile APP website construction products provided by CE Dongli for SMEs can be combined with conventional website platforms, supporting multiple mobile operating systems and mobile browsers, thus providing SMEs with a one-stop solution for the deployment of mobile websites. It is worth mentioning that the product also provides the automatic SEO optimization function, which can dramatically improve the visibility of a company's website, thus allowing them to have a good lead over competitors.

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