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Annual CE Dongli Managers'
Business Conference 2007

On May 4, 2007, in Grand Epoch City on
the outskirt of Beijing, CE Dongli held
the Annual CE Dongli Managers'
Business Conference, gathering over
1,000 business elites nationwide, in
retrospect and fancy about the future.

ChangFeng Alliance Working Team

On June 12, 2008, during the 12th
China International Software Expo,
the ChangFeng Alliance Internet
Information Service Working Team
initiated by CE Open and
organized by ChangFeng Alliance
was founded.

General Manager of CE Dongli,
Interviewed by People's Daily Online

On June 27, 2008, Ms Chen Dan, the
Vice President & General Manager of
CE Dongli was invited by People's
Daily Online (people.com.cn) to
exchange ideas of SMEs'
informatisation in China online.

Ms Bettina Yang Interviewed by Tencent.

On July 11, 2008, Ms Bettina Yang,
General Manager of 【Shihua Caixun】,
accepted an exclusive interview with
the Tencent Financial Studio, who was
to create a financial information brand
trusted by Chinese investors.

Focus on SaaS and Serve the

Mr. Zhang Bin, the General Manager of
CE Open Source accepted the interview
by People's Daily Online (people.com.
cn) in November 2008, briefly talking
about the unremitting efforts the
company had madein IT Application
Service Operation (SaaS) while also
sharing his vision about the
development prospects.

Redflag 2000's Open Source

The 6th OpenOffice.org Conference
(OOoCon) was held in Beijing on
November 5, 2008. Mr. P.H.Yu, the
President of Beijing Redflag Chinese
2000 Software Technology Company
Limited ,organizer of this conference,
accepted the exclusive interview with
People's Daily Online, sharing his
ideas about the Open Source Road
Redflag 2000 and China are taking.

International Financial Crisis and
China's Economic Development

Shihua Caixun Economic Forum
IV was held in Shenzhen on November
29, 2008. Mr. Fan Gang, Secretary-
General of the Research Foundation
affiliated to China Society of Economic
Reform, Mr. P.H.Yu, the President
of Shihua Caixun, and Senior News
Commentator Cao Jingxing attended
the forum.

Change in the patter of SAAS industry

in an interview with ChinaByte.com in 2009, Zhang Bin, General Manager of CE Open, explained his overall understanding of SaaS industry and analyzed its development trend.

Culture Wizard

On Feb. 19, 2011, chairman of the board Mr. P.H.Yu accepted an exclusive interview by Dragon TV Fortune Time, elaborating his planning and ideas on IT and culture fields.

Minds of Millionaires

ICSs honored guest, an American famous TV Program host Nancy Merril, who has been awarded with Emmy Awards for six times, had a deep conversation with Mr. P.H.Yu on March 19th,2011.

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