Main business

Main business

Business framework


Sino-i is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 00250.HK) and is an affiliate of the listed company Nan Hai Corporation Limited (stock code: 00680.HK). Sino-i includes many well-known companies such as CE Dongli and Xinnet.


Group Structure Chart

Sino-i's subsidiaries include Xinnet and CE Dongli. Founded in 1993, Xinnet ranks among top 3 in terms of the holding and net growth of both international and Chinese domain names in China. It is a well-known Internet basic application service provider in China. Founded in 1999, CE Dongli has developed over 20 years and serving 1.2 million+ corporate customers in nearly 100 sub-sectors in 14 mainstream industries. With the core of "marketing digitization → transaction digitization → customer operation digitization", the digital service enables enterprises to better adapt to the Internet environment and help enterprises to improve their business results with lower cost, higher efficiency and quicker response.


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